About ConductHotline.com

I created ConductHotline.com to make it easier for event attendees to report issues and event organizers to respond.

Why this is important

A Code of Conduct makes it clear what behaviors are acceptable in your community. These things are often applied to software projects but are increasingly being applied to meetups, conferences, and other in-person events. This is a good thing, however, having an email to report conduct violations is woefully inadequate in a setting where seconds matter.

How this helps

This website is a hosted, multi-tenant Code of Conduct "Hotline". It gives event organizers the ability to create a designed phone number that attendees can call to report issues. If called, this number starts a conference call with all of the event's conduct committee members. If texted, it starts a group chat with those people instead. It provides a way for attendees to get immediate assistance if they run into issues.

I have an event, how do I use this?

It's invitation-only right now. Please email me, Thea Flowers, at me@thea.codes. I'm happy to chat about your event and get you set up.

Who pays for this?

Thea Flowers (me). I offer this as a free service to any events that want to use it. It's not expensive, but it's also not free, either. If you want you can donate.

We also receive some credits courtesy of the Nexmo Developer Relations team (thanks, Nexmo!)

Privacy? Legal?

See the privacy policy.

I have more questions

See the FAQ.